About Us

Shul administration is not simple.

Multiple factors and a myriad of tasks consisting of distinct, separate and individually essential puzzle pieces intricately combine to form a whole.

Ranging from finance, accounting, collections, fundraising, donations, events and more, the duties are numerous and varied. Every capable Shul Administrator knows that the key to succeeding is efficacy and organization. To that end, there is no greater asset than Shul Template.
Managing your shul’s financial and social needs has never been so convenient, user-friendly or expertly designed!

Shul Template combines all the necessities for thorough and complete Shul administration in a single, easy to use website.
The accounting and bookkeeping software aids with financial tracking, billing and invoices with special features like automatic payment reminder emails.

  • The Audio-Visual sections are ideal for sharing photos, videos and darushes for the enjoyment of the whole Kehilla.
  • A calendar feature is a perfect place to list all events, schedules and notices.

Additionally, each congregation member receives a private account, making it easy to track balances, submit payments and communicate with other congregants.

In short, the Shul Template is an exclusive site that incorporates all requisite tools and functions and acts as a perfect Administrator’s Helper.
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